Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is another recipe which I got from my mother in law. Before marriage I was a big zero in cooking. Only thing I used to do was making tea and rolling chapathies. So after marriage when I moved with hubby I used to call my mom almost daily spending so much money on STD to ask for the recipes, Slowly I learned basic recipes from my mom. Thank god for one thing whatever I cooked even before I knew cooking my hubby ate without any complaint.... :)

During my college days I went to my friends house for a visit and her mom gave me this godhambhu puttu ,before that I never had that puttu before.My mother doesnt make it.I liked it very much but I didnt ask her mom for the recipe because I was not keen to cook at that time.

Hubby told me that his mother used to make this puttu at home and it was just like rice puttu. so I decided to try it like our Rice puttu,but it was an utter Flop!! First time when I tried it puttu podi was so wet and big big lumps came out and I couldnt break it,so I added more water and made dosa,dosa also didnt came well as there was lumps :( I tried one more time but it was again a flop so I dropped the idea to make puttu.

After a few months my mother in law came to stay with us for few months and at that time she told me that there is a measurement for adding water and atta.We have to boil water and then add the atta to boiling water and stir continously so that lumps doesnt form. Finally I learned to make godhambnu puttu


Wheat flour - 3 cup

Water - 1 cup

Grated coconut



Boil water adding salt ,when it starts to boil add wheat flour and stir continously.Then take the puttu maker and layer grated coconut and puttu podi and steam it for 5 minutes.

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