Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mini English Breakfast and 7 years of blogging !

I am a bit late in doing the first post of the year and I have to admit I was not intending to do one today too until it struck me that it’s a special day for my blog today. It’s a great mile stone indeed..7 years of blogging! I owe it to you all for encouraging me  carry on this hobby which I started to kill boredom for 7 years. It has  helped me to become a better cook, good baker, to find a passion in food photography and most of all make new friends. Thanks a ton to you all for that.

It was some 9 years ago that I got to eat English breakfast first and I have to say, it was not a good experience for me back then. Coming from South India with a palate for spicy food, I found it too bland and fatty. I don’t want to go into the details of what they actually serve for a full course English breakfast here, as some of you may find it gross! I was brave enough back then and tried everything for the sake of trying it but not anymore, now I pick and eat only the things I like.  Few weeks back I made English breakfast at home and I have to say  there is nothing much to do to make  a mini breakfast like the one I did. Open a tin of baked beans and heat it, grill some sausages, make fried eggs or scrambled eggs and shallow fry some tomatoes and hash brown( made from potatoes) and mini English breakfast is ready to eat !