Monday, December 17, 2012

Chocolate Macarons with White chocolate ganache filling !

Finally I too went for took a while for me to make up my mind to try this daring Baker's challenge. I have been admiring this little cuities in other blogs for a while,especially in Shabs cuisine ! Her wonderful clicks of these cuties gave me all the inspiration to try it out and I couldn't wait for a   better time  than this time of the year ! The recipe for Mac shell  is adapted from Shabs space and if you follow her blog word by word, I guess nothing could go wrong ! Do check out her space for a  collection of Macaron recipes.
Egg whites(Aged) - 58g
Ground Almond - 65 g
Cocoa Powder- 20 g
Icing Sugar - 100g
Caster sugar - 20g
1.In a squeaky clean bowl weigh the egg weights and age them on the kitchen counter for 24 hr-48 hr or upto 5 days in the fridge covering it with a cling film.
2.Weigh out Ground almonds,cocoa powder,icing sugar and mix them together in a bowl and powder them in a coffee grinder/ mixie until it is flour like.Seive them 1-2 times and discard any big lumps .
3.Start beating the egg whites starting with a medium speed and gradually increasing it to maximum.
4.When it starts to form Soft peaks add caster sugar and beat until stiff peaks are formed and please make sure you dont over beat .
5.Now add the dry ingredients in 2-3 additons to the meringue mixture and fold in gently with a flexible spatula or wooden spoon  until it reaches a shiny batter consistency which falls of like a ribbon( I recommend watching some youtube videos before you try this out ).Donot over mix too !
6.Transfer it into a piping bag with a round tip placed on a tall glass to ease your filling job !
7. Line your baking tray with baking paper and pipe a 2cm diameter  circles leaving enough space between them.
8.Allow it to dry for 1- 2 hours maybe more if it is humid .
10.Bake them in a preheated oven at 150 degree celcius to 13 -14 minutes( Each oven is different,so adjust the timing according to your oven )
11.Allow it cool down for 30 mins - 1 hour and peel them from the baking paper.
12.Pipe the filling on to the shells and sandwich the  shells together and allow them to mature in the fridge for a day or  two !
To make white Ganache filling
Double cream - 100ml
White chocolate - 100gms
Vanilla extract - 1/2 tsp
In  a pan simmer the double cream and when it starts to bubble,turn of the heat and add the chocolate,once the chocolate has melted add vanilla extract and give it a good mix and allow it to cool down until it can be piped on to the Mac shells to sandwich them.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Princess Cake and pink cake pops and few tips on how I made it !

Making a girly cake especially a Princess one was a dream for me since a long time and finally I got lucky when my friend asked me whether I can bake one for her daughter who likes to be Princess :) The birthday girl was obssessed with Pink colour so she wanted every thing on the cake be pink and so I made everything pink and I even made the cake pops pink too.I went to the party too and everyone loved my cake which made my day.

Once I started decorating everything looked complicated and I didnt have any idea how the cake was going to come out so I didnt take any step by step clicks..but to give u all an idea I clicked the pictures of the bakewares which I used to get the shape of the Princess Dress.

 In the picture above can you all the intersection between  two bowls ??  I had to cut that portion from the cake which I baked in that bowl and  also  the from the  bowl above as well(which is not visible as the top bowl  is not transparent ) to place the cake layers .The cake was a 4 layered Red velvet cake with Cream cheese frosting which I have posted earlier .Once I decorated the Dress I covered the dolls body in fondant and inserted into the cake ,but if you dont have that you can actually insert a doll wrapped in some cling film and all you need to do is with a circle cutter cut a round cirlce from middle of each layer and insert the doll  inside the cake !
U will need..
Cake - 8 inch cake
Icing - 1 cup
Candymelts / Cooking chocolate
Lolly pop Sticks
1.To make cake pops bake  a single layer of  8 inch   fluffy cake,I reccomend my victorain sponge cake or you can use box mixes too.Once the cake has cool down break the cake into crumbs. Make sure there is no big lumps.
2.Make 1 cup of ur favourite frosting or use readymade frosting.
3.Mix the cake with frosting and mix well until u can roll into cake balls like the picture below.
4.Melt the candymelts as per package instructions or melt the chocolate and keep aside.
5.Dip the lolly pop stick in the melted chocolate /candymelts and insert it to the cake balls.
6.Dip the cake ball  stick into the melted candy melts and please  be careful not to drop the ball into the candymelts..
7.Finally  decorate the cake pops as u like.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chocolate Crinkles ( Snow Caps )

How is the Christmas preparation going on ?? Well at  my side, I am super busy baking these days...I have to gift  my friends and teachers of  lil A nursery something and I couldnt think of anything other than home baked goodies...I wanted to gift something which looked beautiful and thats why I choose this Chocolate crinkles  which I had bookmarked from Nisha's space long time ago. Baked 2 batches of it yesterday and already  gifted two bags of it, one bag for a friend who is flying away for Christmas and one  for my neighbour who is  expecting a baby for Christmas ! I did save some for us before giving away everything and we all loved it :) Thanks to Nisha for sharing this fools proof recipe !


Ingredients (makes around 25 cookies)
Plain flour - 1/2 cup
Baking powder - 1/2 tsp
Dark Chocolate(good quality ) -1/2 cup
Brown sugar tightly packed - 1/2 cup (if u add less sugar  cookies  will be bitter )
Egg -1
Oil - 2 1/2 tbs
Vanilla extract - 1/2 tsp
Icing sugar - As required

1.In a heatproof bowl add chocolate and melt it over a hot simmering pan of water.
2.Remove from heat and add sugar and stir it until it is dissolved slightly.
3.Add oil,egg,vanilla extract and give it a good mix.
4.Finally add flour - baking powder and mix again.
5.Cover it with a ling film and chill it fir 2 hours.
6.Take 1/2 tbs of cookie dough and roll into small  balls.
7.In a plate take  icing sugar and roll the cookie bals to give  a nice coating of icing sugar.Once u finish coating the balls give a quick coating to the balls which u coated first as they might have absorbed the icing sugar u coated earlier.
8.Place them in baking tray few inches apart and bake at 175 degree celcius for 13 minutes.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Korean Sushi (kimbap)

Two of my close friends here are from Korea and one of my friend's hubby is  chef in a Korean Restaurant  ! I was very lucky to have a friend whose hubby is a chef, many times when  her hubby used come back from work he always brought  the  restaurant food  for their dinner and if I am with her during that time he gives a share of the food to me too and I was lucky several times ! Thats how my love for  Korean food started :)
Korean Sushi was one of my favourite among them and my friends tought me how to make that at home, my friend even bought me a roasted sea weed sheets for me to try sushi at home,she even offered to come home and show me how to make it, but before she could comeover I decided to try it myself and I was very happy with the result. So here is a recipe from my friend Mijong :)


Cooked sushi rice - 2 cup
Korean Fish cake - 2
Carrot - 2 nos
Cucumber - 1/2 of a cucumber
Egg - 1
Sesame seeds - 2 tbs
Sesamae oil - 2 tbs
Roasted seaweed sheets - 3-5

1. Cut carrot and cucmber to long thin  slices.
2.Make and omlette in a pan adding little salt and pepper and cut into stripes.
3.Fry the fish cake according to package instructions and make into  stripes .
4.Mix the cooked rice with little salt,sesame seeds and seasame oil.
5.Place the seaweed sheets on a bamboo mat ( I didn't have that,so I used kitchen foil) and spread the cooked rice as shown in the picture and make sure you leave some space in the other end of the seaweed sheet.
6.Place the fillings on top of the cooked rice as shown in the picture.
7. Roll it tightly with a bamboo mat and stick the end with some cooked rice.
8. With a sharp knife cut the rolls and serve it with some soy sauce.