Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Palada payasam

Hope all my Malayalee friends and folks had a good Onam this year. Every year I plan to post my full sadhya recipe menu and recipes in my blog beforehand but I think I am jinxed for some reason as  I never get to post recipes on time before the festivals. Like every year I made a good spread of Kerala recipes for our Onam sadya but sadly I couldn’t get my hands around the camera to click any pictures except this Paysam. So here I am a wishing everyone belated festive wishes with a special Pal Ada payasam I made. It’s better to be late than never isn’t it J

Ingredients ( serves 3-4)
Ada –100 gm
Milk – 4 cup
Evaporated milk – 1 cup (optional but recommended, substitute with milk if not using)
Sugar – ¾ - 1 cup ( according to your sweetness)
Boiling water – 1 ½ cup
Cardamom powder – ¾ tsp
Ghee – 1 tbs
Cashew nuts – 1 tbs
Golden raisins – 1 tbs

  1. Boil water in saucepan and turn off the flame, add the ada to the boiling water and cover it and leave it for 30 minutes, strain the water. Keep the ada aside.
  2. Boil milk in a thick bottomed pan and add the strained ada to it.
  3. Cook the ada for 30-40 minutes stirring it every now and then.
  4. Add the evaporated milk, sugar and cook until sugar is dissolved.
  5. Add cardamom powder and remove from fire.
  6. In a small pan add ghee and roast cashew nuts until brown and raisins until they are plump. Add this to the payasam.


nandoos Kitchen said...

yummy palada and nice presentation..

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Belated Happy Onam to you and family. The payasam looks so delicious.

Anupa Joseph (Palaharam) said...

kothiyavunnu...fingerlicking payasam it is... Belated onam wishes

Rafeeda AR said...

beautiful picture dear... I am sure that the evaporated milk would add a lovely flavor to that delicious looking paalada payasam...

Anu Anand said...

Nice presentation with lovely payasam

Hasna Hamza Layin said...

rich and delicious! yummm

Razina Javed said...

Payasam luks delicious...

Rekha Vengalil said...

Looks so creamy and yum! Delicious :-) Happy onam to you and family Vinee :-)

Julie said...

Belated Onam wishes dear..Palada payasam looks mouthwatering :)

Shibi Thomas said...

I always have trouble cooking ada. Do they stick together by cooking like how you do? Let me know.