Monday, June 10, 2013

Chinese style Noodles with Veg and eggs

I always cook Indian food at home and it takes a whole lot of my time every day. The whole of the last week we got some amazing sunshine with temperature as high as 20 degree  and we spend most of our time outdoors smelling the fresh air and sun basking and at the end of the day when we come inside even the thought of cooking used to tire me, so last few days I have been doing some quick dinners  exploring different cuisines and the dinner used to get ready in 30- 45 minutes ! Inspite of having plenty of sunlight for taking pictures, I didnt  click any and we used to finish our dinner as soon as it got ready and I have to say  the food straight from the pot tastes divine, something which I miss when I blog especially  while photographing some crispy apperizers. By the time whole photo session finishes the food goes cold :( 

Chinese style Noodles was our dinner one day but I couldnt click the picture that day. Since it tasted so good   I had to make it again for two reasons, mainly for eating again and another reason for photographing it. So this weekend with the help of S, I managed to click some step by step clicks as well ! It was a team work as Lil A was also excited about the step by step session and he too was helping S in clicking the pictures and helping me with  stirring and all !

Boil water with salt and little oil .To the boiling water add Noodles

Cook for 3 minutes or until done and drain the water.

Rinse it with some cold water and and mix with few tsp of oil.

In a wok add sesame oil and add 1 tbs od ginger and 1 tbs of garlic.Fry for few minutes.

Add sliced onions, Whites of spring onion and saute for few minutes.
Add veggies chopped lenghthwise.
Add all the sauces( soya sauce, redchilly sauce and worcetershire sauce )
Add salt and pepper
Make a well in the centre and break 2 eggs.Scramble the eggs.

Add capsicum/ green pepper and green  of spring onions

Finally add cooked noodles.

Ingredients( serves 4 )
Noodles - 400 gm
Ginger - minced - 1 tbs
Garlic minced - 1 tbs
Onion - 2 (sliced lenghtwise )
Spring onions - 5 ( chop white and green separately)
Shredded cabbage - 2 cups
Carrot - 2 large ( chopped lenghtwise )
Soya sauce - 5 tbs
Chilly garlic sauce - 4 tbs
Worcestershire sauce - 2 tbs
Sesame oil
Eggs - 2
Green pepper/ Capsicum- 1 large  ( chopped lenghtwise )

  • In a big saucepan  boil water with salt and 1 tbs of oil. Add noodles to the boiling water and cook for 3 minutes or until done. Drain the water and rinse it with cold water. Add 2-3 tsp of oil to cooked noodles, mix well and keep it aside.
  • In a big wok and 2-3 tbs of oil and add minced ginger and garlic. Fry for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add sliced onions, whites of spring onion and saute on a medium high flame  till soft and brown.
  • Add shredded cabbage, carrot, all the sauces, salt and pepper and cook the veggies until they are 3/4 th cooked.
  • Make a well in the middle of wok and break 2 eggs. Scramble the eggs in the well and mix it with rest of the veggies.
  • Finally add green pepper/ capsicum and green of spring onion and cook for few minutes.
  • Finally add cooked noodles, give it a mix until noodles are coated in the veggies.Check the salt and turn off the flame.


Avika said...

Lovely noodles... So tempting !!

Shibi Thomas said...


The noodles look delicious!!! Loved the addition chilly garlic sauce.
I am also having trouble posting recipes these days....hardly gets any time to take pictures and blog after the outdoor activities :(

Gayathri Ramanan said...

noodles looks fabulous..lovely presentation

Divya Shivaraman said...

Wow...i love that click...looks super yummy! loved your deep pan also ;)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Noodles look so delicious and mouthwatering.

Swathi Iyer said...

Delicious noodles with veggies and eggs, easy tasty meal for any time.

Saranya Balaji said...

Noodles are tempting dear...lovely presentation...

Rafeeda AR said...

this is an easy and filling meal for anytime... looks so tempting... :)

Premas Culinary said...

wow prfect noodles...i like ur wok...i too have one:)

Priya Suresh said...

Wow sis you rock, with stepwise pictures just fantastic. Noodles are my weakness and can have them anytime of the day.. Fantastic noodles!

Sravs said...

Quiet inviting and tempting noodles !!

Chitz said...

Very true dear... Come summer, I too feel like it would be great if I got more time :) Outdoor activity steals so much time !! And I soo soo loved ur step wise pics.. Lovely looking platter, so bookmarked :)

Shweta Agrawal said...

Love the step by step pics:) Noodles looks so yum and tempting :)

Manju @ Manjus Eating Delights said...

the noodles looks damn good Vineetha...Loved your step wise pics. Appu loves noodles , so sometimes if I'm in a hurry i just make with vermicelli :-)

jehanne@thecookingdoctor said...

yum! the step by step is really salivating, especially after adding veggies..noodles is my fav easy meal!

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